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Mike Kelner, VBB Advisors, makes huge commitment to valuation process

When selling a business, the valuation process is critical. The addition of Sheila Darby to our team reflects our commitment to professionalism. VBB Advisors is totally dedicated to sellers who want to be confident about their company’s valuation.

Valuation – The critical first step

Receiving a competent and trusted valuation is the critical first step for an operator that is exploring an exit strategy. That is exactly why we felt it was time to bring in a highly respected professional to perform our business valuations and at the same time, elevate the entire M&A landscape in the convenience services industry.

Our process has always been trusted

We have always been focused on the importance of the valuation process. As I wrote in my February newsletter, “I cannot stress enough the importance of proper business valuation. The selling price of your company isn’t something that should be written on a cocktail napkin and passed across the table. At VBB Advisors, we use two sets of powerful financial software to prepare your business valuation. This high caliber software is used by private equity firms to generate valuation based on cash flow, assets and market multiples. Only then, after running your numbers through our software, do we use industry data on deals made in the past 24 months. Valuation isn’t determined by a hunch. It is determined by a professional and proven process.”

Positive reviews from clients

A few months ago, I wrote about David Perry, who worked with us to successfully sell his New York operation. As David noted, “I must give Mike an A+ rating. He gave me a timeline. He was realistic. He gave me a range of what we could get for the business after he did a thorough valuation.”

With our proven process, David slept better at night. “It was great to be working with a sell side broker who only had our interests in mind. It was also nice to feel confident about our selling price based on Mike’s valuation,” he said.

VBB – Ms. Darby makes us stronger than ever

Our valuation process already set us apart from our competition in the convenience services industry. The addition of Sheila Darby makes us even stronger. This move represents a financial commitment by VBB Advisors that confirms our commitment to the valuation process and to sellers. Having a valuation in hand that combines our proven process with Ms. Darby’s work, truly strengthens a seller’s position.

Shelia Darby has 20+ years as an experienced valuation and financial professional

Ms. Darby has 20+ years as an experienced valuation and financial professional. She is a recognized thought leader who has worked on projects ranging from asset to company valuations. Past projects have included work for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small, privately held businesses.

Credentials galore

Ms. Darby holds an M.B.A. from Rice University, a B.B.A. in Finance from Baylor University, and professional certifications from the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA), including the Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) and Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF) designations. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Choose VBB Advisors and Ms. Darby’s valuation services are free

For clients of VBB Advisors, Ms. Darby’s valuations deliver the insight and credibility needed to facilitate deal making and successful resolutions. As a certified business appraiser, she adheres to the high standards set forth by well-recognized, accredited organizations. For any operator who sells their company with VBB Advisors on their side, Ms. Darby’s valuation is free.

Our Philosophy at VBB Advisors

No matter what is going on with the economy or the world, it is time to sell your business if you are ready and we can make the right deal - a deal that makes sense for you, your family and your company.

Buyers come to me because they know that I serve sellers who have thoroughly and thoughtfully considered their exit strategy with my help. That is the type of seller that you want to be – a seller who has their ducks in order, has taken steps to make their business as attractive as possible and a seller who values their employees enough to make a deal that everyone will feel good about.

Take that critical first step. That is often the toughest one to take.

Order my free 2022 Exit Strategy Planner. At the very least, it will provoke some thought, and this is a good time to think about your future.

Whatever your reasons are to sell your company - the timing, a sense of frustration, the desire to enjoy life or an interest in rewarding yourself for years of hard work – VBB Advisors can help you realize your goals.

I am Mike Kelner, the leading sell side intermediary in the convenience services industry. Let’s sit down and have a conversation. Use this appointment scheduler to set up a meeting with me.

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